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Mostaqqel hopes to initiate a new movement in online work in the MENA region. Today, innovative enterprises, corporates, small and medium businesses and individuals can tap into the exceptional pool of talents available in various online freelancing marketplaces. However, at Mostaqqel, we take it upon ourselves to support the freelancers with a premium platform with a unique user experience because we believe that quality work could never be achieved unless joy is part of it.


We envision a global online economy where the middle east is a major player in shaping it’s future in the next five years. Where connecting to corporates and individuals is just one tab away.


We seek to build and nurture a marketplace for Middle Eastern talents that would highlight the exceptional talents and abilities of the vast pool of independent contractors in the region. We intend to achieve our vision by supporting independent freelancers, small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs alike with all the tools they need to flourish and showcase their exceptional abilities.

To Our Freelancers

To all the freelancers out there, to our dear freelancers, to the geeks, designers, geniuses, mathematicians and professionals. There is a lot going in the online work industry. There is dozens of major freelancing platforms available online, some of them process thousands of projects a day, while others process millions of dollars a year worth of work. We are not the former nor the latter, we are what we envision the future to be, we invite you to sign up and fill your profile, let us work for you and take the journey with is.

To Our Clients

To all corporates, innovative enterprises, small and medium businesses and individuals. To the perfectionists, daring managers, innovators, creators, pioneers and founders. There is a lot of pain in not getting the quality of work you want, and there is no one solution that can promise you that. However, there is a lot going in the online work industry. There exists websites that helps you post projects for free, get bids, collaborate with freelancers and pay them. While there is others that charge you for opting out a freelancer from their platform. We are not the former nor the latter, we believe in your freedom of working with whoever you want and paying him however you want. We are only going to charge you for posting your project, no payments, no strings attached.

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